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ATOMS : uman - Unified user manual + advanced online features details
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uman - Unified user manual + advanced online features

User MANual in console + online + browser, easy languages switch, related bugs, comb mailing lists...
(4333 downloads for this version - 70789 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version exists: 3.2
Owner Organization
private individual
Samuel Gougeon
Creation Date
April 6, 2016
Source created on
Scilab 5.5.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.5.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("uman")
            This is "uman 2.0" compiled for Scilab 5.5 (=> uman 2.0._5_)

Release notes:
Help pages:

If you were already using "uman" with Scilab 5 before this release,
please do the following only once before the very first use of this new version:

uman.. displays help pages in console, and other online documentation about
online help pages, reported bugs, messages on mailing lists related to the
query. It manages aliases, language switching, and has other advanced features.

 disp_usage — Display allowed syntaxes to call a given function.
 uman       — User manual in console, online, or browser, with 
               language switch and related bugs & messages.
 uman .. @  — Select informations from Scilab mailing lists
 uman .. w  — Show the online help page or the reference web page 
               of an item
 uman .. wb — Show bugs reported on Scilab bugzilla or forge bugs 
               trackers, or as ATOMS comments

Enter "help uman", or use the following link

        "uman" allows to easily select, grab and display informations
from embedded Scilab help pages, from pages of installed ATOMS modules, from
heading comments in local user-defined functions, from pages of other external
modules, from the online Scilab help pages and search engine, from ATOMS web
pages (200 entries) and their comments, from online Scilab forges, from Scilab
FileExchange pages (60 entries), from Scilab's bug trackers, from archives of
all official Scilab mailing lists, and from other external web sites presenting
Scilab resources.

        You don't have to think about where is the required information:
"uman" gets it from the right place and displays it for you. You can
get it in the console, in the help browser, or in your internet browser for
online resources.

        No need to load modules in the Scilab session. Even the documentation of
packages that do not run under your Operating System can be viewed and displayed
in the console.

        No need to view the whole help page. Choose informations that you want
to display: only usages (syntaxes), parameters, See also. Or more: description,
examples, history, table of contents of the item's help section.. If really the
whole page must be displayed, the "a" option will do it.

        Are you used to use another scientific language? Almost 200 automatic
redirections will target the right Scilab equivalences for you. Other handy
shortcuts are also defined for all users.

        Just give a language code en | de | fr | ja | pt | ru | zh in option,
and you get the right version of the help page in the console or online. No need
to change the session language. Watching the reference en_US english version of
the page is now straightforward, without leaving your locales.

        Set your default "uman" parameters in your startup file, and
enjoy. You will always be able to easily override them in compact command-line

        Stucked with a bug? The "wb" option let's you either view the
page of a specific bug, or nicely list documented bugs related to a chosen item,
or list bugs related to a given category/section, or from some chosen reporters
or commenters, or within a chosen period, for Scilab and many ATOMS packages.
Online users comments are as well directly reachable..

        Want to efficiently probe mailing lists, for some items, or some
authors, on some given period? "uman" does it easily for you.

        Last but not least: get a smart text layout in console. Nested lists of
items, tables, pieces of codes, notes and warnings, text styles.. are supported.
The code style of calling sequences and examples is also improved.

Files (3)
[78.87 kB]
Source code archive
 CHANGES 1.4 => 2.0 (2016-04-06)
 * New option 'u' to display only the list of usages (types of calls)
 * disp_usage() and disp_usage(funame) implemented and documented.
 * 'uman ... wb': It is now possible to target components or/and authors
    or/and a maximal change age.
 * 'uman ##### wb' now targets the bug number ##### on bugzilla.
 * New full-featured option '@' to comb online archives of Scilab mailing lists
 * Environment variables are now available (global):
    - umanDefaultOptions, to choose your own default options (display,
       language, etc). Command-line options are still available, to easily 
       override default ones.
    - umanMaxLineWidth>=50. Default = 90. Useful when the console is very wide.
    - umanUserPaths, to point packages out of SCI\contrib and SCIHOME\contrib
    - umanNoStyle, to cancel ASCII-conversion of bold and italic styles.
 * Partial corpus are now supported (subset of translated scilab functions
   without the en_US version for untranslated ones)
 * Partial support to Farsi language added (still left-justified).

 * 'uman' is now stable with Scilab 6.0 (nightly-built of 2016-04-05).
 * Tables: long lines in cells and in the history section are now wrapped 
    ex: uman atomsSetConfig ac
 * Items that title is several-worded like 'Scilab documentation format' 
    could not be addressed neither in the console, nor directly in the help
    browser nor in the online help, because their single-word id that is 
    the pattern to use to address them was displayed nowhere. 
    In 'See also' sections and Summaries, their id is now displayed instead
    of their title. Hence, 
    uman help s  // now displays
    * man — on line help XML file description format
    instead of
    * Scilab documentation format — on line help XML file description format
    and 'uman man a ..' can now be used to address the related page.
 * 'Screen' areas were not specifically identified and delimited.
 * The <important> tag was not supported.
 * <superscript> and <subscript> tags were not supported.
 * The list of jar files was weekly updated. It is now just set at the first
    use of uman, and when the 'r' option is used to intentionally refresh it.
 * External modules not on ATOMS but having a public forge 
    -- such as Scimax -- are now supported.
 * For pages having multiple xml:id, all syntaxes were displayed instead of
    only syntaxes matching the given pattern (ex: man int32)
 * It is now possible to redirect to keywords (such as graphic properties)
    instead of to a proper item/page, usable with g or/and w options. 
   For example, 'uman view' now suggests a redirection to 'rotation_angles'.
 * uman's URL is now displayed at loading, for comment, scoring and bug report

 * Redirections
   - internal: if installed: apifun, cglab, ipd, scimax. gui
   - to Scilab: deal, patch, surf2patch, urlread, webread
   - to external: inpolygon, polyarea, web
 * FileExchange: strrand, rotate3d, mesharea, polygonmetrics, pdiv_inc, 
    partfrac, browseURL
 * ATOMS: visa, scinetcdf, Computer-Vision, favouritedirs, E4Coder, FireBird,
    BTD (bioinformatics), cglab
 * Forge (with no ATOMS): scimax

 * Scilab6-ready: management +[] modified (partly?); strtok() replaced.
 * The options had become case-sensitive.
 * For a contrib module, when the name of the main directory was not strictly
    the name of the module (as for instance with version indication), 
    uman failed extracting pages from the jar. 
 * When a jar file had a path with space(s), uman was unable to unzip it.
 * When the japanese archive is used, wrapping of lines in summaries of 
    untranslated sections was shortened. ex: uman call slja
 * In synopses, '&' characters were displayed as '&'. Ex: uman uman u
 * In examples, '&' characters were displayed as '\&'. Ex: uman uman e 
 * 'uman graphics' targetted the Graphics page, instead of the summary of
    graphical functions => 'graphics' replaced with 'plotting'.
 * 'Calling sequence' renamed 'Syntax' in Scilab 6 is taken into account.
 * 'uman Type w' did not target the right page.
 * 'uman interval w' yielded an error (while Int4Sci is installed)
 * 'uman item1|item2 w' produced an error with host()
 * 'uman $ wb' returned all reports, instead of reports intitled with some '$'.
   'uman \$ wb' had to be used instead.
 * 'uman mode wb' unexpectedly listed bugs about 'simp_mode'. 
   As well, 'uman matrix wb' included bugs about x_matrix().
 * uman <pattern> wb: '.', '*','\', '|' special regexp characters in pattern

    were not escaped before calling bugzilla. patterns such that .\., ./.,
    .*., ./, .\, ||, **, etc were unsuccessful.
 * 'uman dir|%dir_p wb' yielded many lines without 'dir' or '%dir_p' but with
    'directory'. Parentheses embracing the alternative a|b|c.. were missing.
 * 'uman list( wb' or with any item having a '(' produced a grep error.
 * 'uman [ wb' displayed 'grep: Can not compile pattern' in infinite loop.
 * With SciMax installed, listing its summary produced an error 'Invalid index'
 * When the page of an external unloaded module was targeted with 'g', 
   the message "module not loaded => not browsable" was no longer displayed

[225.30 kB]
OS-independent binary for Scilab 5.5.x
uman 2.0 compiled for Scilab 5.5.x (=> 2.0._5_)
[217.49 kB]
Miscellaneous file
Release notes of uman 2.0
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