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 COPYING -- WaveLab Copying Permissions

  This software was developed with support of the
      National Science Foundation/ Grant DMS 92-09130
      National Science Foundation/ Grant DMS 95-05151
      Air Force Office of Scientific Research
           AFOSR MURI95-F49620-96-1-0028
      NASA Astrophysics Data Program
  Contributors to this effort include
      Jonathan Buckheit, Stanford
      Shaobing Chen, Stanford
           Maureen Clerc, Ecole Polytechnique
      James Crutchfield,  Berkeley & Santa Fe Institute
      David Donoho, Stanford
      Mark Duncan, Stanford
      Hong-Ye Gao, Berkeley (now at Statistical Science)
      Xiaoming Huo, Stanford (now at Georgia Tech)
      Jerome Kalifa, Ecole Polytechnique
      Eric Kolaczyk, Stanford (now at Boston University)
      Ofer Levi, Stanford
      Stephane Mallat, Ecole Polytechnique
      Iain Johnstone,  Stanford
      Jeffrey Scargle, NASA-Ames
      Karl Young, NASA-Ames
      Thomas Yu, Stanford (now at Rensselear Polytechnic)

H. Nahrstaedt - 2011

  In EVERY case, the software is COPYRIGHTED by the original author.
      For permissions, see below.

  Comments/Permissions/Information: e-mail

 Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this entire
 software package, provided that all files, directories, and subdirectories are
 copied **together** as a **unit**.

 Here **copying as a unit** means: all the files listed in the file TWFiles in
 this subdirectory are copied, so that among other things the THANKS.m notice, and
 this permission notice [COPYING.m] accompany all copies of the full software, and
 every ``.m'' file continues to contain a copy of the file VERSION.m inside it.

 Permission is granted to make and distribute modified copies of this software,
 under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the entire resulting
 derived work is distributed under the terms of a permission notice identical to
 this one. Names of new authors, their affiliations and information about their
 improvements may be added to the files COPYING.m and THANKS.m.

 The purpose of this permission notice is to allow you to make copies of the
 software and distribute them to others, for free or for a fee, subject to the
 constraint that you maintain the collection of tools here as a unit.  This
 enables people you give the software to to be aware of its origins, to ask
 questions of us by e-mail, to request improvements, obtain later releases, etc.

 If you seek permission to copy and distribute translations of this software into
 another language, please e-mail a specific request to

 If you seek permission to excerpt a **part** of the software library for example
 to appear in a scientific publication, please e-mail a specific request to

        Revision History
                10/03/99        DLD     Improved Grant/Thanks