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ATOMS : E4Coder details
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Finite State Machines and GUI Prototyping for Scilab
(4492 downloads for this version - 25482 downloads for all versions)
E4Coder Team at Evidence Srl
Owner Organization
Evidence Srl
Paolo Gai
Creation Date
January 8, 2016
Source created on
No source archive has been provided for this toolbox version.
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.5.x:
Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit
Install command
--> atomsInstall("E4Coder")
            Have you ever dreamed about the availability on Scilab of a nice and fast Finite
State Machine Simulator and of a simple GUI Panel designer?

Now you can with E4Coder!

E4Coder is a set of tools to simulate code for embedded controllers in a
standalone configuration or running a real-time operating system.

E4Coder is composed by the following tools:

- E4CoderCG, a code generator for embedded systems supporting Linux, RTAI,
ERIKA/Enterprise OSEK/VDX, Windows, Bare Metal, ov various target embededd
hardware boards. (Not yet available for Scilab - please contact us)
- SMCube, a finite state machine modeler supporting parallel state machines.
- E4Coder GUI, a prototyping tool for Graphical User Interfaces.

E4Coder also is able to generate code for MicroDAQ Instruments (see the Microdaq
ATOMS package)

The main usages of E4Coder are:

- E4Coder is meant to be a complete tool suite allowing companies to start the
development of a model-based development flow that starts from the modeling of a
complex system down to its implementation on one or more microcontroller
- E4Coder can be used as a tool for prototyping embedded graphical user
interfaces, thanks to the possibility of simulating a complex model including
SMCube state machines that can be shown using E4Coder GUI panels.

The tool requires:
- a valid C/C++ compiler (MinGW and Visual Studio (Express) supported)
- a valid license (Free demo license, node locked or floating with USB Dongle)

E4Coder is available through a commercial license.
Free 30-day demo licenses are available too!
For more information, please:
- check the Scilab Enterprises online shop:
- or contact directly Evidence Srl:

See also
- Presentation of E4Coder done at ScilabTec 2015 in Paris:
- Video of the presentation done at scilabtec 2015 in Paris:            
Files (2)
[25.23 MB]
Windows 32-bit binary for Scilab 5.5.x
E4Coder for Scilab 5.5.2
- Build 726
- Windows 32 bit
- includes SMCube and E4CoderGUI simulation only
[25.24 MB]
Windows 64-bit binary for Scilab 5.5.x
E4Coder for Scilab 5.5.2
- Build 726
- Windows 64 bit
- includes SMCube and E4CoderGUI simulation only
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