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ATOMS : NIDAQ details
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NI-DAQmx interface with Scilab
(5108 downloads for this version - 5967 downloads for all versions)
Dirk Reusch
Package maintainer
Simon Gareste
Supported Scilab Versions
>= 5.4
Creation Date
November 23, 2012
ATOMS packaging system
Available on
Install command
--> atomsInstall('NIDAQ')
Connect Scilab to NI Instrumentation Device NIDAQ module: * Easily configuration of the instrumentation device and read data in Scilab for immediate analysis. * Send data over analog and digital output channels provided by the instrumentation device * Functions provided to control analog input and output, counter/timer and digital I/O DAQ device (National Instruments) based on DAQ Toolbox for Scilab 4.x ( modified for Scilab 5.3 and ATOMS support version 0.3.2: - Same sources as 0.3.1, but makes package available for Scilab 5.4 version 0.3.1: - Same sources as 0.3, but makes it available for Scilab 5.4 version 0.3: - Scilab 5.3 support (ATOMS format) - Support NI-DAQmx 9.4.x ( - Add DAQ_SystemInfoAttribute function - 64 bit support for Windows NIDAQ functions: DAQ_Channel_Configuration_and_Creation — DAQ_CreateCOPulseChanFreq DAQ_Constants — DAQ DAQ_Error_Handling — DAQ_GetExtendedErrorInfo DAQ_Read_Functions — DAQ_ReadCounterU32 DAQ_SystemInfoAttribute — Get some system informations DAQ_Task_Configuration_and_Control — DAQ_ResetDevice DAQ_Timing — DAQ_CfgImplicitTiming DAQ_Triggering — DAQ_CfgAnlgEdgeRefTrig DAQ_Write_Functions — DAQ_WriteDigitalScalarU32
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Comment from Arie Sheinker -- February 29, 2016, 01:38:32 PM    
I am a new user of Scilab, and I would like to use the NIDAQ toolbox.
Where can I find a good explanation on how to install the NIDAQ toolbox?
using atomsInstall('NIDAQ') and other options that I found in the internet results in 
Error 10000.
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