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ATOMS : Aerospace Blockset details
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Aerospace Blockset

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Aerospace Blockset for Xcos providing aerospace blocks based on CelestLab library.
Pawel Zagorski
private individual
Package maintainer
Pawel Zagorski
Supported Scilab Versions
>= 5.5.0
CelestLab (≥ 3.0.0)
Creation Date
16th of September 2014
ATOMS packaging system
Available on
How To Install
Aerospace Blockset for Xcos provides palette of Xcos blocks with following features: - Simulating and visualizing Earth's satellites trajectories - Calculating position of celestial bodies (eg. Sun, Moon, Planets) - Calculating and visualizing access times from ground stations to satellites - Calculating and visualizing azimuth and elevation of satellite over ground stations - Simulating Environmental condition (eg. atmospheric pressure in high altitudes, magnetic field, atmospheric drag, solar drag, sun eclipses) - Time frame, units and reference frame conversions - Quaternion algebra and attitude representations ============================================================================ Changes in Aerospace Blockset v3.0 (bugfix/maintenance release) This version includes even more usefull blocks.It is now possible to convert between attitude representations (quaternions, Euler axes and angles and direction cosine matrices). CJD_NOW blocks allows to feed real julian time into the simulation to simulate current position of satellites and cellestial bodies. Two additional demonstrations and other features and bug fixes were also added.
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AB 3.0 source code
Full feature list.
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Binary version
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