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ATOMS : Double-Double details
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Double-Double floating point numbers
(1262 downloads for this version - 7133 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version exists: 0.1.2
Michael Baudin
Owner Organization
Michael Baudin
Creation Date
May 30, 2011
Source created on
Scilab 5.2.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.2.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit MacOSX
Install command
--> atomsInstall("dbldbl")
            The goal of this toolbox is to provide a double-double implementation in 
These floating point numbers have a greater precision (but not a greater range)

that doubles.

This module allows to run the following script:

z1 = dbldbl_new ( 2 )
z2 = dbldbl_new ( 2 )
z1 + z2
z1 * 3
3 * z1
z1 / 3

We can add, subtract, multiply, dividy, compare double-doubles.
We can also compute elementary functions: abs, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan,
exp, log, sqrt and power.

This is a Scilab port of David H. Bailey's ddfun90.f.

 * "Design, Implementation and Testing of Extended and Mixed Precision
BLAS", Li et al, 2000
 *  "A Fortran-90 double-double precision library", David Bailey,∼dhbailey/mpdist/mpdist.html.
Files (2)
[79.26 kB]
Source code archive
	* Fixed the internal lib loading system, to 
	  make it work under ATOMS, again.

[172.87 kB]
OS-independent binary for Scilab 5.2.x
Binary version
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

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Comment from Michael Baudin -- September 13, 2011, 11:40:02 AM    
Checked the packaging of v0.1 on win32 and Scilab 5.3.2:

 ans  =
!dbldbl  0.1-2  allusers  SCI\contrib\dbldbl\0.1-2  I  !
Start Dbldbl
	Load macros
	Load help
	Type "help dbldbl_new" for quick start.
 ans  =
!dbldbl  0.1-2  allusers  SCI\contrib\dbldbl\0.1-2  !
   TMPDIR = C:\Users\baudin\AppData\Local\Temp\SCI_TMP_5660_
   001/002 - [SCI\contrib\dbldbl\0.1-2] dbldbl.....................passed 
   002/002 - [SCI\contrib\dbldbl\0.1-2] tostr......................passed 
Comment from Michael Baudin -- September 13, 2011, 11:40:50 AM    
This is the changelog of the v0.1:

dbldbl (0.1)
    * Initial version: May 2011
    * Added dd * dd
    * Added dd / dd
    * Added -dd
    * Added dd - dd
    * Added d + dd
    * Added dd + d
    * Added ddpi
    * Added dd^n
    * Added ddnrt (not connectable)
    * Added sqrt(dd)
    * Added d/dd
    * Added dd==dd
    * Added ddangle, ddqdc, ddnint, ddcssn (internals)
    * Added round(dd)
    * Added cos(dd), sin(dd)
    * Added y = dbldbl_nthroot(x,n)
    * Added exp(dd)
    * Added log(dd)
    * Added dbldbl_todec(dd)
    * Added d-dd.
    * Added acos(dd), asin(dd), atan(ddy,ddx).
    * Added tan(dd).
    * Added atan(dd)
    * Added dd-d.
    * Added dd<dd, dd>dd, dd<=dd, dd>=dd
    * Added d op dd, op : <, <=, >, >=
    * Added dd op d, op : <, <=, >, >=
    * Added dd^dd
    * Added dd^d
    * Added int(dd)
    * Added abs(dd)
    * Added formatting from decimal string
    * Fixed the internal lib loading system, to 
      make it work under ATOMS.
    * Fixed the internal lib loading system, to 
      make it work under ATOMS, again.
Comment from Michael Baudin -- September 13, 2011, 11:42:54 AM    

For a comparison with another Scilab module providing double-doubles, see:

T. Saito, E. Ishiwata, and H. Hasegawa, Development of Quadruple Precision Arithmetic 
Toolbox QuPAT on Scilab, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6017, pp. 60-70,
2010 at The International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications (ICCSA 
2010), March 23-26, 2010, Fukuoka, Japan



Michaël Baudin
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