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ATOMS : DDE Toolbox details
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DDE Toolbox

Dynamic Data Exchange client for Scilab
(4172 downloads for this version - 11273 downloads for all versions)
Consortium Scilab - Digiteo
Package maintainer
Allan Cornet
Supported Scilab Versions
>= 5.4
Creation Date
November 24, 2011
ATOMS packaging system
Available on
Install command
--> atomsInstall('dde_toolbox')
Dynamic Data Exchange client for Scilab to communicate with excel and some others DDE servers. see help & demos ddeclose — Close DDE connection. ddeexec — Send execution string to DDE server application. ddeisopen — return if dde connection is etablished. ddeopen — Initiate DDE conversation between Scilab and another application. ddepoke — Send data from Scilab to DDE server application. ddereq — Request data from DDE server application. v0.5 - Use api_scilab for all gateways - Use UNICODE strings for DDE functions - Use toolboxe_skeleton 5.4 - Fix some memory leak - Factorized code - Fix some warnings on Windows 64 bit - Use PutLhsVar as default gateways - Use assert functions for tests
Files (3)
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Windows only
[51.36 Ko]
Windows 64-bit
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Windows 32-bit
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