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ATOMS : edflib details
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load/write edf/bdf-files
Holger Nahrstaedt
TU-Berlin, FG Regelungssysteme
Package maintainer
Holger Nahrstaedt
Supported Scilab Versions
>= 5.4
Creation Date
12th of March 2014
ATOMS packaging system
Available on
How To Install
EDFlib is a programming library for C/C++ to read/write EDF+/BDF+ files. EDF means European Data Format. BDF is the 24-bits version of EDF. This is a gateway to load/write the EDF+/BDF+ files directly from scilab. Information about edflib can be found at Version 0.2.9 - new edflib version V1.10 - help files have been improved - accuracy problems with the edf format were fixed Version 0.2.8 - some bug fixes - edf_is_file_used returns if a files is opened at the moment - edf_get_open_files shows the number of opened files - all edf_get_* functions can be used with a filename or with edf_header from edfopen_file_readonly - help files improved - new copy function: edf_copy_annotation, edf_copy_signal_data, edf_copy_file_header, edf_copy_signal_header - edf_plot_signals plots signals from a edf/bdf file Version 0.2.7 - makes it available for Scilab 5.4 by the flag __USE_DEPRECATED_STACK_FUNCTIONS__ Version 0.2.6 - new edflib version V1.08 Version 0.2.5 - edf_get_samplefrequency was giving wrong results - the output of edf_header("datarecord_duration") is in seconds - improved error messages for edfopen_file_readonly and edfopen_file_writeonly - some typos in the help - files are removed (thanks to Teunis van Beelen) Version 0.2.4 - new edflib version V1.07 Version 0.2.3 - new functions: edf_set_record_duration - new edflib version V1.05 Version 0.2.2 - new functions: edfseek, edftell, edfrewind, edfopen_file_readonly - the parameter edfsignal starts from 1! E.g. read the data of the first signal edfread_samples (path,1) Version 0.2.1 - new version of edflib.c - macro edf_get_timevector Version 0.2.0 - help files - new macros - change of function names Version 0.1.0 - new fuctions
Files (4)
[266.67 Ko] edflib_0.2.9-1.bin.x86_64.linux.tar.gz
Linux version (x86_64)
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[265.74 Ko] edflib_0.2.9-1.bin.i686.linux.tar.gz
Linux version (i686)
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[252.84 Ko] edflib_0.2.9-1.bin.x86_64.darwin.tar.gz
MacOSX version
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