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ATOMS : edflib details
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load/write edf/bdf-files
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Holger Nahrstaedt
Owner Organization
TU-Berlin, FG Regelungssysteme
Holger Nahrstaedt
Creation Date
September 27, 2010
Source created on
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            EDFlib is a programming library for C/C++ to read/write EDF+/BDF+ files.
EDF means European Data Format. BDF is the 24-bits version of EDF.
This is a gateway to load/write the EDF+/BDF+ files directly from scilab.

Information about edflib can be found at

Version 0.2.3
- new functions: edf_set_record_duration
- new edflib version V1.05

Version 0.2.2
- new functions: edfseek, edftell, edfrewind, edfopen_file_readonly
- the parameter edfsignal starts from 1! E.g. read the data of the first signal
edfread_samples (path,1)

Version 0.2.1
- new version of edflib.c
- macro edf_get_timevector

Version 0.2.0
- help files
- new macros
- change of function names

Version 0.1.0
- new fuctions

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