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ATOMS : NaN-toolbox details
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A statistics and machine learning toolbox
(5743 downloads for this version - 24220 downloads for all versions)
Holger Nahrstaedt
TU Berlin / FG Regelungssysteme
Package maintainer
Holger Nahrstaedt
Supported Scilab Versions
>= 5.4
Matlab/Octave Compatibility toolbox (any version)
Distfun (any version)
Helptbx (any version)
Creation Date
March 18, 2014
ATOMS packaging system
Available on
Install command
--> atomsInstall('nan')
This toolbox is meanly ported from the nan-toolbox for matlab/octave. Comparison of thrownan and nan_toolbox ====================================== Performance: size 5000 x 10: sumskipnan: 0.001 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.002 sec size 5000 x 50: sumskipnan: 0.005 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.014 sec size 5000 x 100: sumskipnan: 0.010 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.025 sec size 5000 x 150: sumskipnan: 0.015 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.039 sec size 5000 x 200: sumskipnan: 0.018 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.051 sec sumskipnan is 2.8 times faster then sum(thrownan()). The second disadvantage of thrownan is, that a matrix is transformed into a vector: -->size(d) ans = 5000. 200. -->size(thrownan(d)) ans = 1000000. 1. Changelog: ========= 1.3.4 - ieee mode is not changed anymore" - statistical test are removed (they are now in the hypt toolbox): - "nan_ttest" - "nan_ttest2" - "nan_ztest" - "nan_welchtest" - "nan_signtest" - "nan_signrank" - "nan_barttest" - some matlab function are removed (they are now in the moc_toolbox) - "nan_xcorr" - "nan_xcorr2" - "nan_xcov" - "nan_conv" - "nan_conv2" - "nan_cov" - "nan_range" - "nan_accumarray" - "nan_rot90" - "nan_fft" - "nan_postpad" - "nan_prepad" - "nan_spdiags" - "nan_unique" - compilation bug fix for windows - unit tests 1.3.3 - tinv is obsolete and distfun_tinv is used instead - several bug fixes - nan_cluster is add (thanks to Stéphane Franiatte) - nan_crosstab added 1.3.2 - nan_flix is obsolete as is the same as interp1(D,X,'linear'); - using distfun toolbox for norminv and betainv - some statistical test are added : - "nan_ttest" - "nan_ttest2" - "nan_ztest" - "nan_welchtest" - "nan_signtest" - "nan_signrank" - "nan_barttest" - "nan_anova" - nan_probplot added - removed bug in nan_conv2 1.3.1 - nan_qqplot,nan_linkage,nan_pdist, nan_quareform added - nan_boxplot improved - bugs in nan_confusionmat, nan_kappa and nan_partest removed - sum minor bug fixes - some unit tests are added - replace mtlb_repmat by repmat 1.3 - removed function (available in the atom modul libsvm): - nan_svmrocplot.sci - train - predict - svmtrain - svmpredict - readsparse - writesparse - the libsvm and the nan-toolbox are compatible now! 1.2.3 - some small bugfixes - all sci_gateway functions can be compliled for Windows - xtpopen works again 1.2.2 - prepare toolbox for scilab 5.4 - some bug fixes 1.2.1 - remove xtpopen, now it should build under linux 1.2 - rename every function to nan_* 1.1 - some functions are added - help files and demos are improved 1.0 - first release of NaN - toolbox Functions: =========== Data Correlation and Covariance "nan_covm" "nan_ecovm" "nan_decovm" "nan_xcovf" "nan_conv2nan" "nan_cor" "nan_cov" "nan_corrcoef" "nan_corrcov" "nan_rankcorr" "nan_partcorrcoef" "nan_tiedrank" Descriptive Statistics "nan_mean" "nan_mean" "nan_var" "nan_std" "nan_median" "nan_iqr" "nan_trimmean" "nan_center" "nan_geomean" "nan_detrend" "nan_moment" "nan_medAbsDev" "nan_sem" "nan_meansq" "nan_sumsq" "nan_mad" "nan_rms" "nan_statistic" "nan_skewness" "nan_kurtosis" "nan_zscore" "nan_zScoreMedian" "nan_meanAbsDev" "nan_harmmean" "nan_spearman" "nan_ranks" "nan_quantile" "nan_prctile" "nan_percentile" "nan_trimean" "nan_meandev" "nan_ecdf" "nan_coef_of_variation" "nan_hist2res" "nan_histo" "nan_histo2" "nan_histo3" "nan_histo4" "nan_histc" "nan_grpstats" "nan_y2res" "nan_cumsum" "nan_filter" statistical Visualization "nan_bland_altmann" "nan_cdfplot" "nan_gscatter" "nan_boxplot" "nan_normplot" "nan_andrewsplot" "nan_hist" "nan_ecdfhist" "nan_fscatter3" "nan_plotmatrix" "nan_gplotmatrix" "nan_parallelcoords" "nan_errorb" "nan_errorbar" "nan_nhist" "nan_qqplot" hypothesis Tests "nan_ttest" "nan_ttest2" Classification "nan_train_sc" "nan_test_sc" "nan_classify" "nan_xval" "nan_kappa" "nan_train_lda_sparse" "nan_fss" "nan_cat2bin" "nan_row_col_deletion" "nan_mahal" "nan_rocplot" "nan_confusionmat" "nan_partest" cluster Analysis "nan_kmeans" "nan_pdist" "nan_linkage" "nan_squareform" "nan_cluster" nan_crosstab" utility functions "sumskipnan" "flag_nans_occured" "flag_impl_skip_nan" "flag_accuracy_level" "flag_impl_significance" "nan_grp2idx" "nan_mgrp2idx" "nan_flix" "str2array"
Files (6)
[2.51 Mo] nan_1.3.4-1.bin.i686.linux.tar.gz
Linux 32-bit
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[2.70 Mo]
Windows 64-bit
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

[2.69 Mo]
Windows 32-bit
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

[2.51 Mo] nan_1.3.4-1.bin.x86_64.linux.tar.gz
Linux 64-bit
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

[2.50 Mo] nan_1.3.4-1.bin.x86_64.darwin.tar.gz
MacOSX version
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

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