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ATOMS : NaN-toolbox details
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A statistics and machine learning toolbox
(4095 downloads for this version - 15716 downloads for all versions)
Holger Nahrstaedt
TU Berlin / FG Regelungssysteme
Package maintainer
Holger Nahrstaedt
Supported Scilab Versions
>= 5.4
Matlab/Octave Compatibility toolbox (any version)
Distfun (any version)
Helptbx (any version)
Creation Date
March 18, 2014
ATOMS packaging system
Available on
How To Install
This toolbox is meanly ported from the nan-toolbox for matlab/octave. Comparison of thrownan and nan_toolbox ====================================== Performance: size 5000 x 10: sumskipnan: 0.001 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.002 sec size 5000 x 50: sumskipnan: 0.005 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.014 sec size 5000 x 100: sumskipnan: 0.010 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.025 sec size 5000 x 150: sumskipnan: 0.015 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.039 sec size 5000 x 200: sumskipnan: 0.018 sec, sum(thrownan()) 0.051 sec sumskipnan is 2.8 times faster then sum(thrownan()). The second disadvantage of thrownan is, that a matrix is transformed into a vector: -->size(d) ans = 5000. 200. -->size(thrownan(d)) ans = 1000000. 1. Changelog: ========= 1.3.4 - ieee mode is not changed anymore" - statistical test are removed (they are now in the hypt toolbox): - "nan_ttest" - "nan_ttest2" - "nan_ztest" - "nan_welchtest" - "nan_signtest" - "nan_signrank" - "nan_barttest" - some matlab function are removed (they are now in the moc_toolbox) - "nan_xcorr" - "nan_xcorr2" - "nan_xcov" - "nan_conv" - "nan_conv2" - "nan_cov" - "nan_range" - "nan_accumarray" - "nan_rot90" - "nan_fft" - "nan_postpad" - "nan_prepad" - "nan_spdiags" - "nan_unique" - compilation bug fix for windows - unit tests 1.3.3 - tinv is obsolete and distfun_tinv is used instead - several bug fixes - nan_cluster is add (thanks to Stéphane Franiatte) - nan_crosstab added 1.3.2 - nan_flix is obsolete as is the same as interp1(D,X,'linear'); - using distfun toolbox for norminv and betainv - some statistical test are added : - "nan_ttest" - "nan_ttest2" - "nan_ztest" - "nan_welchtest" - "nan_signtest" - "nan_signrank" - "nan_barttest" - "nan_anova" - nan_probplot added - removed bug in nan_conv2 1.3.1 - nan_qqplot,nan_linkage,nan_pdist, nan_quareform added - nan_boxplot improved - bugs in nan_confusionmat, nan_kappa and nan_partest removed - sum minor bug fixes - some unit tests are added - replace mtlb_repmat by repmat 1.3 - removed function (available in the atom modul libsvm): - nan_svmrocplot.sci - train - predict - svmtrain - svmpredict - readsparse - writesparse - the libsvm and the nan-toolbox are compatible now! 1.2.3 - some small bugfixes - all sci_gateway functions can be compliled for Windows - xtpopen works again 1.2.2 - prepare toolbox for scilab 5.4 - some bug fixes 1.2.1 - remove xtpopen, now it should build under linux 1.2 - rename every function to nan_* 1.1 - some functions are added - help files and demos are improved 1.0 - first release of NaN - toolbox Functions: =========== Data Correlation and Covariance "nan_covm" "nan_ecovm" "nan_decovm" "nan_xcovf" "nan_conv2nan" "nan_cor" "nan_cov" "nan_corrcoef" "nan_corrcov" "nan_rankcorr" "nan_partcorrcoef" "nan_tiedrank" Descriptive Statistics "nan_mean" "nan_mean" "nan_var" "nan_std" "nan_median" "nan_iqr" "nan_trimmean" "nan_center" "nan_geomean" "nan_detrend" "nan_moment" "nan_medAbsDev" "nan_sem" "nan_meansq" "nan_sumsq" "nan_mad" "nan_rms" "nan_statistic" "nan_skewness" "nan_kurtosis" "nan_zscore" "nan_zScoreMedian" "nan_meanAbsDev" "nan_harmmean" "nan_spearman" "nan_ranks" "nan_quantile" "nan_prctile" "nan_percentile" "nan_trimean" "nan_meandev" "nan_ecdf" "nan_coef_of_variation" "nan_hist2res" "nan_histo" "nan_histo2" "nan_histo3" "nan_histo4" "nan_histc" "nan_grpstats" "nan_y2res" "nan_cumsum" "nan_filter" statistical Visualization "nan_bland_altmann" "nan_cdfplot" "nan_gscatter" "nan_boxplot" "nan_normplot" "nan_andrewsplot" "nan_hist" "nan_ecdfhist" "nan_fscatter3" "nan_plotmatrix" "nan_gplotmatrix" "nan_parallelcoords" "nan_errorb" "nan_errorbar" "nan_nhist" "nan_qqplot" hypothesis Tests "nan_ttest" "nan_ttest2" Classification "nan_train_sc" "nan_test_sc" "nan_classify" "nan_xval" "nan_kappa" "nan_train_lda_sparse" "nan_fss" "nan_cat2bin" "nan_row_col_deletion" "nan_mahal" "nan_rocplot" "nan_confusionmat" "nan_partest" cluster Analysis "nan_kmeans" "nan_pdist" "nan_linkage" "nan_squareform" "nan_cluster" nan_crosstab" utility functions "sumskipnan" "flag_nans_occured" "flag_impl_skip_nan" "flag_accuracy_level" "flag_impl_significance" "nan_grp2idx" "nan_mgrp2idx" "nan_flix" "str2array"
Files (6)
[2.51 Mo] nan_1.3.4-1.bin.i686.linux.tar.gz
Linux version (i686)
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[2.70 Mo]
Windows version (x64)
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[2.69 Mo]
Windows version (i686)
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[2.51 Mo] nan_1.3.4-1.bin.x86_64.linux.tar.gz
Linux version (x86_64)
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

[2.50 Mo] nan_1.3.4-1.bin.x86_64.darwin.tar.gz
MacOSX version
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

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