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ATOMS : Multiple Precision Arithmetic Toolbox details
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Multiple Precision Arithmetic Toolbox

quadpruple and octuple precision arithmetic for scilab
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A more recent valid version exists: 1.0
Tsubasa Saito
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Tsubasa Saito
Creation Date
September 29, 2011
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This toolbox is in the process of being built
            Multiple Precision Arithmetic Toolbox(MuPAT) is the convenient multiple
precision arithmetic toolbox for Scilab.
MuPAT is based on Double-Double (DD) arithmetic and Quad-Double (QD)
DD and QD arithmetic only need double precision arithmetic environment.
MuPAT has the following features:
  Programs can be simply to use DD and QD arithmetic.
    We can use the same operators (+,-,*,/) for double, DD and QD arithmetic.
    We can also use relational operators and several Scilab functions for DD and
QD in the same way as double.
  Double, DD and QD arithmetic can be used at the same time, and also mixed
precision arithmetic is available.
  Independent of any hardwares.
There are two implementations. One is only using Scilab functions, and the other
is a high speed one which calls functions written in C language on Windows.            
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Miscellaneous file
This toolbox runs only on windows O/S. 
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