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ATOMS : DATCOM details
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United States Air Force Stability and Control Digital DATCOM
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Nimish Kapoor
Nimish Kapoor
Creation Date
March 13, 2018
Source created on
Scilab 6.0.x
Binaries available on
The maintainer of this module has not provided binaries.
            The United States Air Force Stability and Control Digital DATCOM is a computer
program that implements the methods contained in the USAF Stability and Control
DATCOM to calculate the static stability, control and dynamic derivative
characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft. Digital DATCOM requires an input file
containing a geometric description of an aircraft, and outputs its corresponding
dimensionless stability derivatives according to the specified flight
conditions. The values obtained can be used to calculate meaningful aspects of
flight dynamics.

This toolbox is a basic version which reads Digital DATCOM input file and
displays the result(Digital DATCOM output file) in Scilab Console.

*Download and extract it.

Enter File-name: example/ex1.inp  

//datcom.out file is displayed. 

//An example file ex1.inp is contained in example directory.

#The output file is stored as datcom.out in DATCOM(toolbox) directory.

*More features are planned.
*Suggestions, ideas and reviews are welcomed.

Author: Nimish Kapoor

*Further reading:

*NOTE: Only UNIX-type OS supported as of now.            
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