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ATOMS : Functional Mock-Up Interface details

Functional Mock-Up Interface

Add some functionalities to use (import/export) FMU blocks inside Scilab/Xcos
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Clément DAVID <>
Vladislav TRUBKIN
Owner Organization
ESI Group
Clement David
Creation Date
August 26, 2020
Source created on
Scilab 6.1.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 6.1.x:
Windows 64-bit
Install command
--> atomsInstall("fmu_wrapper")
            This community edition provides the following features:
- Support of FMI 1.0 for Model Exchange and Co-Simulation.
- Simulation for compiled FMUs: an FMU must have at minimum one binary
corresponding to working platform.     
- Simulation in Xcos with using any type of explicit solvers.
- Simulation in Scilab with fixed step integration (Method of Euler).

import FMUs: Allow the user to add FMU blocks inside Xcos. This toolbox provides
an easy way to use Functional Mock-up Interface for Model Exchange and
             In Xcos it should to use the palette "Functional Mock-up
Interfaces", the user is able to simulate the Functional Mock-up
Units(dynamic system models). 
             It is possible to use several instances of a model and to connect
any models hierarchically together.
             In Scilab it should to use the function "fmiSimulate".
export FMUs: Xcos model can be exported as an FMU for Model Exchange or for
            Actually, only generation of FMUs version 1.0 of FMI is supported in
            Code generation works by translation the Xcos super-block in FMU.
Generated model can be imported in Xcos or in an another simulation tool.

For enterprise deployment, find out more about our Enterprise Edition:            
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Windows 64-bit binary for Scilab 6.1.x

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Comment from XIAOMENG Tong -- November 3, 2020, 02:07:05 AM    
Dear Sir/Madams,

Recently I'm glad to try the in my windows 10 computer and 
SCILAB6.1.0. I have 2 questions. 

(1) I can successfully run the demo FMUs, however, the FMU outputs in all cases from 
XCOS are zeros throughout the simulation. To rule out the bin file issue, I also compile 
with the source code to generate my own bin file. The same problem is repeated. 

(2) I generated an FMU with other software, and want to import it into XCOS. By double 
clicking to select this FMU, I can see this FMU has been imported since the name has 
been changed for the block, however, the input/output ports are not updated or shown in 
my screen. This is still a block without any ports. 

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks very much.