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ATOMS : Conway Game of Life details
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Conway Game of Life

A package of functions for the Conway's game of life
(215 downloads for this version - 215 downloads for all versions)
Alexandre Umpierre
alexandre umpierre
Creation Date
April 5, 2023
Source created on
Scilab 6.1.x
Binaries available on
The maintainer of this module has not provided binaries.
            The game_of_life Package
game_of_life is a package based on the Conway's Game of Life. It computes
the configuration of the next generations of a grid of square cells, each of
which live or die according to two simple rules:

* A live cells with exactly 2 or 3 live neighbors remains alive, otherwise it

* A dead cell with 3 live neighbors becomes alive, otherwise it remains dead.

As simple as these rules may be, they can result in surprising complexity from
relatively simple initial configurations.

game_of_life provides three main functions:

* genzero: generates a matrix of ones and zeros

* conway: computes the configuration of the next generation of a square grid

* evolution: computes the evolution of a grid of square grid


Install and load this toolbox:
1) Download file below
2) Open Scilab console and set the current directory to the folder where you
3) Type "atomsInstall('')" to
install the package
4) Type "atomsLoad('game_of_life')" to load the toolbox
5) Type "game_of_life" to list the toolbox functions
6) For instance, type "help conway" to access the help entry for
conway function

Concept DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7420301

This version DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7803783


game_of_life v0.1.3 (2023-04-05)
* Upgraded random function for genzero

game_of_life v0.1.2 (2022-12-15)
* Included seed for rand in genzero
* Minor changes on documentation

game_of_life v0.1.1 (2022-12-10)
* Bug fixed on plots of evolution

game_of_life v0.1.0 (2022-12-09)
* First release
* Module under construction            
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