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ATOMS : Imsls details
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Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Equations
(2634 downloads for this version - 13908 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version exists: 0.1.2
Michael Baudin
INRIA - Aladin Group
Univ. of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Owner Organization
DIGITEO and others
Michael BAUDIN
Creation Date
September 12, 2011
Source created on
Scilab 5.2.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.2.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("imsls")
            Imsls provides iterative methods for sparse linear systems of equations.


 * imsls_bicg: BIConjugate Gradient method
 * imsls_bicgstab: BIConjugate Gradient STABilized method
 * imsls_pcg: Conjugate Gradient method
 * imsls_cgs: Conjugate Gradient Squared method
 * imsls_cheby: CHEBYshev method
 * imsls_gmres: Generalized Minimal RESidual method
 * imsls_jacobi: JACOBI method
 * imsls_qmr: Quasi Minimal Residual method
 * imsls_sor: Successive Over-Relaxation method

 * imsls_benchmatrix : Test a matrix against all solvers.
 * imsls_getpath : Returns the path to the current module.
 * imsls_lehmer : Returns the Lehmer matrix.
 * imsls_makefish : Returns the Poisson matrix.
 * imsls_matgen : Returns a test matrix.
 * imsls_nonsym : Returns a non symetric matrix.
 * imsls_spdiags : Extract and create sparse band and diagonal matrices
 * imsls_split : Sets up the matrix splitting for Jacobi and SOR.
 * imsls_tester : Test all algorithms
 * imsls_wathen : Generates a random finite element matrix.


 * mtlb_bicg : Solves linear equations using BiConjugate Gradient Method with
 * mtlb_bicgstab : Solves linear equations using BiConjugate Gradient Stabilized
Method with preconditioning.
 * mtlb_cgs : Solves linear equations using Conjugate Gradient Squared Method
with preconditioning.
 * mtlb_gmres : Solves linear equations using Generalized Minimal residual with
restarts .
 * mtlb_pcg : Solves linear equations using Conjugate Gradient method with
 * mtlb_qmr : Solves linear equations using Quasi Minimal Residual method with


Files (2)
[235.31 kB]
Source code archive
 * Fixed the internal lib loading system, to 
   make it work under ATOMS.

[404.73 kB]
OS-independent binary for Scilab 5.2.x
Binary version
Automatically generated by the ATOMS compilation chain

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Comment -- September 13, 2011, 11:37:18 AM    
Checked the v0.1 under win32 and Scilab 5.3.2:

 ans  =
!imsls  0.1-2  allusers  SCI\contrib\imsls\0.1-2  I  !
Start Imsls
	Load macros
	Load help
	Load demos
	Type "help imsls_overview" for quick start.
 ans  =
!imsls  0.1-2  allusers  SCI\contrib\imsls\0.1-2  !

All tests pass.
Comment -- September 13, 2011, 11:37:54 AM    
This is the changelog of v0.1:

Imsls (0.1)
 * Import from Scilin.
 * Updated to Scilab 5 toolbox standard.
 * Removed unrelated functions.
 * Removed rotmat (used only in gmres).
 * Renamed scripts (e.g. from bicg to imsls_bicg).
 * Refactored Scilab's pcg with imsls_pcg.
 * Update of the macros to generate the help from the sources.
 * Added missing support functions.
 * Updated comments of support functions.
 * Added help automatic updater.
 * Updated comments to generate the help.
 * Added examples.
 * Added examples for test matrices.
 * Fixed startup script.
 * Added getpath
 * Updated demos.
 * Renamed beta into bet to avoid name conflict.
 * Added test matrices.
 * Created imsls_benchmatrix for benchmarks.
 * Added optional graphics to benchmatrix.
 * Created copyright headers.
 * Fixed all demos.
 * Updated benchmarks.
 * Fixed comments in the header of bicg for the parameters description.
 * Updated formating of the source code for standard coding.
 * Added unit test for bicg.
 * Added unit test for tester function.
 * Added unit test for benchmatrix.
 * Added a few words of description for each algorithm.
 * Added overview.
 * Added test for mtlb_pcg.
 * Added ref for unit test of pcg.
 * Added internal functions.
 * Added a second preconditionner M2 to pcg.
 * Modified interface of callbacks of imsls_qmr to match Matlab.
 * Created compatibility mtlb_qmr function, with help and unit test.
 * Updated the examples for the matvec and precond functions.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_bicg.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_bicgstab.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_cgs.
 * Added tests with extra-args for matvec.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_cheby.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_gmres.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_jacobi.
 * Updated implementation of imsls_sor.
 * Clarified algorithms which cannot provide A as a function.
 * Checked which solvers require to have A symetric.
   Added unit tests to make sure of this.
   Removed the check when no necessary.
 * Added extra-arguments to callbacks (matrix-vector 
   product and preconditionners).
   Checked this with unit tests.
 * Added unit tests for bicgstab, cgs, cheby, jacobi, sor.
 * Fixed most examples in the help pages.
 * Fixed implementation of default M, example and 
   unit test of imsls_cheby.
 * Added unit tests for lehmer, matgen, nonsym and split.
 * Added unit tests for wathen.
 * Added preconditionner M2 to gmres.
 * Added preconditionner M2 to bicg.
 * Added preconditionner M2 to bicgstab.
 * Added preconditionner M2 to cgs.
 * Created mtlb_gmres for compatibility.
 * Added Quick Start section in Overview.
 * Added message on Overview at startup.
 * Clarified content of err output variable in most functions.
 * Created drafts of imsls_bicg.
 * Fixed bug in preconditionning M2 of bicg.
 * Finalized mtlb_bicg.
 * Created mtlb_bicgstab for compatibility.
 * Added a test to check that all serious solvers 
   accept A as sparse or full.
 * Created spdiags function for compatibility.
 * Created mtlb_cgs for compatibility.
 * Created "Compatibility" help section.
 * Added the comment that any optional input argument equal to the 
   empty matrix [] is replaced by its default value.
 * Fixed all mtlb examples and tests.
 * Added a warning when the flag is nonzero, that is, when the 
   output x does not satisfy the required tolerance.
 * Fixed convergence of examples and tests for all solvers 
   after warning for no convergence.
 * Added a section on non convergence in the overview.
 * Fixed the names of the demos: demo1, demo2, demo3 
   were not very explicit.
   Added pde225 and nos3.
 * Fixed input argument checking in matrix generators.
 * Used apifun_checkflint where appropriate.
 * Fixed the internal lib loading system, to 
   make it work under ATOMS.
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