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ATOMS : sci-sundials details
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SUNDIALS ode solvers for Scilab
(214 downloads for this version - 636 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab 6.1 exists: 0.2.1
Stéphane Mottelet
Stéphane Mottelet
Creation Date
October 25, 2021
Source created on
Scilab 6.1.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 6.1.x:
MacOSX Linux 64-bit Windows 64-bit
Install command
--> atomsInstall("sci_sundials")
            Scilab toolbox giving access to Sundials ODE solvers: CVODE, IDA, ARKODE. Until
now only CVODE has been interfaced but many common features have been developped
in the OdeManager class, hence interfacing IDA will be quite easy. ARKODE
(various modern explicit, implicit and mixed explicit/implicit Runge-Kutta
solvers) does not exist in the old 2.4.0 version of Sundials which is used in
Scilab hence won't be interfaced unless an upgrade is done (Sundials is now at
version 5.7.0). The support of Sparse Jacobians is also missing for the same
Files (4)
[39.88 kB]
Source code archive

[339.04 kB]
MacOSX binary for Scilab 6.1.x

[367.65 kB]
Linux 64-bit binary for Scilab 6.1.x

[3.49 MB]
Windows 64-bit binary for Scilab 6.1.x

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