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ATOMS : uman - Help in console, advanced features details
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uman - Help in console, advanced features

User MANual in console + online + browser, external shortcuts, language switch, tracked bugs...
(7620 downloads for this version - 69469 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab 6.0 exists: 3.0
Owner Organization
private individual
Samuel Gougeon
Creation Date
July 31, 2015
Source created on
Scilab 6.0.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 6.0.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("uman")
            NOTE: This first release for Scilab 6.0.0 has a special packaging in order to
cope with Scilab 6.0.0-a|b pitfalls.

 - Its autoloading must be Canceled. Do not use "atomsLoad uman". 
   To load it, either use the Toolboxes menu (restored in 6.0.0-a2), or add    
   exec('SCI/contrib/uman/1.4-0/etc/uman.start',-1) // in your startup file:
   edit SCIHOME/scilab.ini

 - 6.0.0-a1: Its head_comments ability is temporarily out of work due to Scilab
(will be restored in 6.0.0-a2)


uman.. shows help pages in console, with advanced features such that
redirections, language switching, summaries, or display of known bugs related to
the query.

Help (en):
Help (fr):

 * Shows help contents in the console, in the help browser, as well as online 
   (help, bugzilla, atoms, forge, or even external websites).
 * Used to use another scientific language? Almost 200 automatic redirections 
   target the right Scilab equivalence. Other handy shortcuts are also defined 
   for all users.
 * Just give a language code en | de | fr | ja | pt | ru | zh in option, and
   get the right version of the page in the console or online. No need
   to change the session language. Watching the reference en_US version of
   the page is now straightforward, without leaving your locales.
 * Just display main infos in brief: path in help, calling sequences,
   parameters, See also. Be free to display more on request: description, 
   examples, history, parent ToC... Or display the whole page with the
   "a" option.
 * Stucked with a bug? The 'wb' option let's you list documented bugs related
   to an item, for Scilab and many ATOMS packages. The right place to report
   issues is directly shown.
 * Help pages from Scilab, installed ATOMS modules, or from other external 
   modules, and heading comments in functions are covered. No need to load
   modules. So, even the documentation of modules that do not run on your
   Operating System can be shown. 
   More than 50 FileExchange references can also be addressed.
 * Last but not least: Get a smart text layout in console. Nested lists of
   items, tables, pieces of codes, notes and warnings, text styles.. are
   supported. The code style of calling sequences and examples is also

* Thanks to the ATOMS GUI: 
  - Enter: atomsGui
  - Look for and select "uman". Install it.
* in the CONSOLE:
  - enter: atomsInstall("uman")

Then, in the CONSOLE, enter:
  atomsAutoloadDel uman
  edit SCIHOME/scilab.ini  // add the following line to your startup file:
  exec('SCI/contrib/uman/1.4-0/etc/uman.start', -1)

Finally, exit(0) and restart Scilab	  

Enter "help uman", or use above links to online help pages            
Files (2)
[64.33 kB]
Source code archive
CHANGES 1.3 => 1.4 (2015-07-31)
 * Redirections
   - internal: latex
   - to Scilab: closereq, cputime, fgetl, fopen, fread, fwrite
 * FileExchange: varspace, strrepeat

 * 'uman linespec g' was case-sensitive for the help browser. 'LineSpec' page 
    was well displayed in the console, but was missed in the browser.
 * After removing a contrib, "r" did not unregister its help pages.
 * Tables: content of heading cells  was not upcased.
 * "uman" recompiled for Scilab 6.

[192.44 kB]
OS-independent binary for Scilab 6.0.x

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