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ATOMS : uman - Help in console, advanced features details
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uman - Help in console, advanced features

User MANual in console, with language switch, redirections, list of related bugs, summaries...
(3387 downloads for this version - 69469 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab 5.5 exists: 2.0.5
Owner Organization
private individual
Samuel Gougeon
Creation Date
July 12, 2015
Source created on
Scilab 5.5.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.5.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("uman")
            This module IS currently managed through the ATOMS packaging system and IS
available through the ATOMS interface in Scilab.
It works under MS Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

This is the last release for Scilab 5.

uman.. is a Unified User MANual displayer, displaying help pages in console,
with advanced features such that redirections, language switching, summaries, or
display of known bugs related to the query.

Help (en):
Help (fr):

 * A single function to target and display contents in the console, in the
   help browser, as well as online (help, bugzilla, atoms, forge, or even
   external websites).
 * Are you used to use another scientific language? Almost 200 automatic
   redirections will help you targeting the right Scilab equivalence. Other
   handy shortcuts are also defined for all users.
 * Just give a language code en | de | fr | ja | pt | ru | zh in option, and
   you get the right version of the page in the console or online. No need
   to change the session language. Watching the reference en_US version of
   the page is now straightforward, without leaving your locales.
 * Just display main infos in brief: path in help, calling sequences,
   parameters, See also. And be free to display more on request:
   description, examples, history, parent ToC... Or display the whole page
   with the "a" option.
 * Stucked with a bug? The "wb" option let's you list documented ones
   related to the faulty entry, in two seconds, for Scilab and many ATOMS
   packages. Online users comments have never been so reachable.
 * Help pages from Scilab, installed ATOMS modules (no need to load them), 
   from other external modules, and heading comments in functions are covered. 
   More than 50 external references available on the Scilab FileExchange can 
   also be addressed.
 * Last but not least: get a smart text layout in console. Nested lists of
   items, tables, pieces of codes, notes and warnings, text styles.. are
   supported. The code style of calling sequences and examples is also

* Thanks to the ATOMS GUI: 
  - Enter: atomsGui
  - Look for and select "uman". Install it.
  - quit and restart Scilab
  - enter: atomsInstall("uman")
  - quit and restart Scilab	  

Enter "uman uman", or use above links to online help pages            
Files (2)
[64.13 kB]
Source code archive
CHANGES 1.2 => 1.3 (2015-07-12)
 * Redirections added: 
    - to ATOMS: python, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Sqlite, 
        Firebird, help (x)
    - to scilab: trapz
    - internal: history
    - to FileExchange: polyint
 * FileExchange: polyroot, polyIntegrate, isDocked, orderfields, 
    cummin, cummax
 * External references added: Labview, GPIB, int4sci

 * 'wb': It was not possible to look for bugs cumulated over several 
    Scilab or unknown items separated by '|'. An error was thrown.
    Example: uman userdata|user_data wb
 * 'uman hdf5 wb' targeted 'h5read' instead of 'hdf5' in bugzilla.
   Now, redirections are not applied when 'wb' is used.
 * For any user's function 'MyFun', 'uman myfun' was case-sensitive
    and did not detect MyFun.
 * Help pages: a closing tag was badly placed. Minor fixes or updates.
 * Windows: uman nidaq w opened a windows directory.
 * Shortcuts for external references with 'w' dit not work.
 * uman ./. wb  and uman .\. wb  yielded a grep error
 * uman mopen a, uman overloading a : there were large vertical
    spaces between examples (due to erroneous empty sections)
 * In a definition list, when a term included some ':', its end was 
    trimmed from the first ':'. Example: 'uman : d'
 * External packages: the name of their main directory was case-sentitive.

[145.17 kB]
OS-independent binary for Scilab 5.5.x

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