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ATOMS : Descriptor and LPV Systems Calculation Tool Kit details
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Descriptor and LPV Systems Calculation Tool Kit

This work present a serie of functions to analize state-space and LPV descriptor systems
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A more recent valid version exists: 0.9.1
Francisco-Ronay Lopez-Estrada
C. M. Astorga Zaragoza
Owner Organization
CENIDET (Mexico) and CRAN (France)
Francisco-Ronay Lopez-Estrada
Creation Date
June 2, 2011
Source created on
Scilab 5.2.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.2.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("DeCaToKi")
            This WORK present a descriptor system package for the  the analysis of
state-space and linear parameter varying descriptor systems. All the  algorithms
were programed by using  the free software Scilab even for 
solving LMIs.  The properties of regularity, solvability, C-controllability
(observability), R-controllability (observability), I-controllability and
stability are analyzed. The Karampetakis method for discretized continuous
systems in descriptor form is presented and an algorithm of solution is
proposed. Unlike the state-space systems, in non-singulars determining these
properties is not always a trivial task, and on occasions can be a difficult
task because there is not a specialized toolbox. Therefore, this work
propose a set of functions that complement those of Scilab.  A   compilation of
some observers for descriptor systems  are include in the package.
This observers can be used for design fault detection method by constructions of
  banks of observers. This banks of observers can be building 
by the selection of the input/output matrices or automatically by using the
commands proposed.  

Due to the lack of adequate tools for descriptors system management,
this work presents a set of functions that complement the Scilab package.
This functions are showed in the next table.

 dss2tf----- Descriptor system state space to transfer function
 dcontr----- computes C, R and I controllability
 dobsv------ computes C, R and I observability matrices
 dstabil-----Computes the stability 
 qrrse-------Computes the QR restricted system equivalence (r.s.e.) 
 invrse-------computes the inverse r.s.e form

There contain some observers for   state estimation. This observers are based
principally in the works of  (Darouach1995s, Darouach1996, Hamdi2009, Hamdi2011)

abcdcoeff---- a,b,c and <d coefficients for Darouach observer
darobsv95---- Full order observer  
redobsv95---- Reduced order observer 
darobsv96---- Reduced order observer with unknown input 
puiobsv------ Proportional unknown input observer (PUIO)
piuiobsv----- Proportional-integral unknown input observer (PIUIO)

For fault detection applications the following commands compute automatically
the gains to generate a bank of observers. This bank of observers
are based in a proportional  and a proportional-integral unknown input observer

 gosbank1--- For a generalized observer scheme (GOS)  with some of the observers

dosbank2-----For a dedicated observer scheme (DOS)  with some of the observers

The put the observer in a stability region   the LMI  are solved with the
LMITOOL of Scilab.

And finally for analysis, state estimation and fault detection of  LPVD system:

lpvpuiobsv---- LPVD Proportional unknown input observer 
lpvpiuiobsv--- LPVD Proportional-integral unknown input observer 
lpvweig4------ For  the construction  weighting functions of  4 vertices. 
lpvweig3------ For  the construction  weighting functions of  3 vertices.
lpvweig2------ For  the construction  weighting functions of  2 vertices. 
lpvgosbank1---- For create a bank of oservers using a generalized observer
scheme (GOS)

For more information consult the help files

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Source code archive
DeCaToKi files
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Miscellaneous file
Descriptor Calculation ToolKit 
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OS-independent binary for Scilab 5.2.x
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Comment -- August 10, 2011, 11:51:58 AM    

This seems to be an interesting module !

Once installed, the DeCaToKi module produces a weird message:

 mpath  =
 C:\Program Files\scilab-5.3.2-MKL\contrib\DeCaToKi\0.9-2\etc\/../   
	Load macros
You can see a demo with exec "C:Program Filesscilab-5.3.2-MKLcontribDeCaToKi0.9-
Load help
	Load help

I suggest that you consider other modules to get a sample of what "usual"
starting scripts 
look like.

This module has no help page. 

Please consider taking a look at:


Michaël Baudin
Answer from Francisco-Ronay Lopez-Estrada -- August 11, 2011, 04:57:20 PM    
This will be considered for the next version
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