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ATOMS : CASCI details


A Collection of Probability and Statistics Functions used at P. Castagliola's Lab
(9279 downloads for this version - 10930 downloads for all versions)
Philippe Castagliola
Owner Organization
Universite de Nantes
Ariane Ferreira
Ricardo Fabbri
Creation Date
October 3, 2012
Source created on
Scilab 5.4.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.4.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Scilab 5.5.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("casci")
            == CASCI Toolbox == 

  This toolbox includes various functions for probability & statistics 
  that are used by P. Castagliola's lab at Université de Nantes.

intbinomial - binomial confidence interval
intexponential - exponential confidence interval
intnormalm - normal confidence interval for μ
intnormals - normal confidence interval for σ
intpoisson - Poisson confidence interval
cdfbeta - beta type 1 cdf
cdfbeta2 - beta type 2 cdf
cdfbinomial - binomial cdf
cdfchi2 - χ2 (central and non-central) cdf
cdfcv - sample coefficient of variation cdf
cdfdphase - discrete Phase-Type cdf
cdfexponential - exponential cdf
cdffisher - Fisher (central and non-central) cdf
cdffoldednormal - folded normal cdf
cdfgamma - gamma cdf
cdfgev - generalized Extreme Value cdf
cdfhypergeometric - hypergeometric cdf
cdfjohnson - Johnson’s cdf
cdflognormal - lognormal cdf
cdfmedian - normal sample median cdf
cdfnormal - normal cdf
cdfpareto - Pareto cdf
cdfpascal - Pascal cdf
cdfpoisson - Poisson cdf
cdfrnge - normal range cdf
cdfstandev - normal sample standard-deviation cdf
cdfstudent - Student (central and non-central) cdf
cdfweibull - Weibull cdf
boxbehnken - Box-Behnken designs
boxcoxlinear - Box-Cox linearity transformation
centralcomposite - central composite designs
coded2natural - coded to natural variables
doxpand - design expansion
doxptim - design optimisation
equiradial - equiradial designs
factorial2 - two levels full and fractional factorial designs
mulreg - multilinear regression analysis
mulregdisp - multilinear regression analysis results display
mulregplot - multilinear regression analysis results plot
natural2coded - natural to coded variables
plackettburman - Plackett-Burman designs
simpdex - simplex designs
fitbeta - beta type 1 parameters estimation
fitgamma - gamma parameters estimation
fitgev - generalized Extreme Value parameters estimation
fitjohnson - Johnson parameters estimation
fitlognormal - lognormal parameters estimation
fitweibull - Weibull parameters estimation
idfbeta - beta type 1 idf
idfbeta2 - beta type 2 idf
idfchi2 - χ2 (central and non-central) idf
idfcv - sample coefficient of variation idf
idfexponential - exponential idf
idffisher - Fisher (central and non-central) idf
idfgamma - gamma idf
idfgev - generalized Extreme Value idf
idfjohnson - Johnson’s idf
idflognormal - lognormal idf
idfmedian - normal sample median idf
idfnormal - normal idf
idfpareto - Pareto idf
idfstandev - normal sample standard-deviation idf
idfstudent - Student (central and non-central) idf
idfweibull - Weibull idf
allcombination - matrix element combinations
allpermutation - matrix element permutations
arrangement - number Ap of arrangements
combination - number Cn of combinations
confhyper - confluent hypergeometric function
depth - non parametric multivariate depth
hausdorff - Hausdorff (median) distance between polylines
lowess - LOcally WEighted Scatterplot Smoothing
momdphase - first moments of a Discrete Phase-Type distribution
nearestneighbors - find the k nearest neighbors
neldermead - Nelder Mead’s downhill simplex nonlinear optimization algorithm
savitzkygolay - Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter
simplex - simplex computation
simplexolve - solve a system of non-linear equations
torczon - Torczon’s multidirectional nonlinear optimization algorithm
vandercorput - Van der Corput’s sequence
boxplot - Box plot
qplot - quantile plot
qqplot - quantile-quantile plot
pdfbeta - beta type 1 pdf
pdfbeta2 - beta type 2 pdf
pdfbinomial - binomial pdf
pdfchi2 - χ2 (central and non-central) pdf
pdfcp - CP pdf
pdfcpk - CP K pdf
pdfcpm - CP M pdf
pdfcpmk - CP M K pdf
pdfcpuv - V ̈nnman’s Cp (u, v) pdf
pdfcv - sample coefficient of variation pdf
pdfdphase - discrete phase-type pdf
pdfexponential - exponential pdf
pdffisher - Fisher (central and non-central) pdf
pdffoldednormal - folded normal pdf
pdfgamma - gamma pdf
pdfgev - generalized Extreme Value pdf
pdfhypergeometric - hypergeometric pdf
pdfkernel - kernel smoothed pdf
pdfjohnson - Johnson’s pdf
pdflognormal - lognormal pdf
pdfmedian - normal sample median pdf
pdfmultinormal - multinormal pdf
pdfnormal - normal pdf
pdfpareto - Pareto pdf
pdfpascal - Pascal pdf
pdfpoisson - Poisson pdf
pdfrnge - normal range pdf
pdfstandev - normal sample standard-deviation pdf
pdfstudent - Student pdf
pdfweibull - Weibull pdf
quadhermite - Gauss-Hermite quadrature
quadlaguerre - Gauss-Laguerre quadrature
quadlegendre - Gauss-Legendre quadrature
quadsimpson - Simpson quadrature
rndbeta - beta type 1 random number generator
rndbeta2 - beta type 2 random number generator
rndbinomial - binomial random number generator
rndexponential - exponential random number generator
rndfoldednormal - folded normal random number generator
rndgamma - gamma random number generator
rndgev - generalized Extreme Value random number generator
rndjohnson - Johnson’s random number generator
rndlognormal - lognormal random number generator
rndmultinormal - multinormal random number generator
rndnormal - normal random number generator
rndpareto - Pareto random number generator
rndpascal - Pascal random number generator
rndpoisson - Poisson random number generator
rndstandev - normal sample standard-deviation random number
rndweibull - Weibull random number
autocorrelation - autocorrelation coefficient
bootstrap - bootstrap sampling
correlation - correlation matrix
crosscorrelation - crosscorrelation coefficient
kurtosis - kurtosis coefficient
quantile - quantile
rnge - range
skewness - skewness coefficient
standev - standard deviation
totalmedian - total median coefficients
varcovar - variance-covariance matrix
arlmean - ARL of the mean control chart
arlmeanRR - ARL of the Run Rules mean control chart
arlmedian - ARL of the median control chart
arlmedianRR - ARL of the Run Rules median control chart
arlrnge - ARL of the range control chart
arlstandev - ARL of the standard-deviation control chart
arlstandevRR - ARL of the Run Rules standard-deviation control chart
cp - capability index CP estimation and confidence interval
cpk - capability index CP K estimation and confidence interval
krnge - range coefficients KR (n)
kstandev - standard-deviation coefficients KS (n, r)
mcpshahriari - Shahriari’s multivariate capability index CP
mcptaam - Taam’s multivariate capability index CP
andersondarling - Anderson-Darling’s normality test
ansaribradley - Ansari-Bradley’s test
bartlett - Bartlett’s test
grubbs - Grubbs test
kendall - Kendall’s test
levene - Levene’s test
mardia - Mardia’s test
spearman - Spearman’s test
tstbinomial1 - binomial one sample p test
tstbinomial2 - binomial two samples p test
tstexponential - exponential λ test
tstnormalm1 - normal one sample μ test
tstnormalm2 - normal two samples μ test
tstnormals1 - normal one sample σ test
tstnormals2 - normal two samples σ test
tstsku - normal skewness and kurtosis test
waldwolfowitz - Wald-Wolfowitz’s run test
wilcoxon1 - Wilcoxon’s one sample (paired) test
wilcoxon2 - Wilcoxon’s two samples test

See the file help/cascidoc.pdf for further usage and examples for each function

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Comment from Samuel Gougeon -- May 25, 2015, 12:26:07 PM    
Thank you for this impressive list of functions!
Just a remark: in the source and binary archives, ~\demos\*, ~\help\<lang>\*, and
~\tests\* files come from and are about the toolbox skeleton. They have not been
Best regards