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CNES Space mechanics toolbox for mission analysis
(3500 downloads for this version - 114110 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version with binaries for Scilab 5.5 exists: 3.2.1
Owner Organization
Thierry MARTIN
Alain Lamy
Creation Date
April 1, 2015
Source created on
Scilab 5.5.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 5.5.x:
Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit macOS
Install command
--> atomsInstall("celestlab")
CelestLab - CNES Space mechanics toolbox for Scilab 
Version 3.0.0			     

Overview of CelestLab 3.0.0
This version includes major improvements and a few changes. 
It is therefore not fully compatible with CelestLab 2.4.2, but only little
are necessary to make old scripts work. 

Among the new features: 
- Many new reference frames (IERS 2010 conventions)
- New models for the ephemerides of solar system main bodies (MEEUS, VSOP87,
ELP, DE405)
- Force + potential functions including for the full gravity model up to
degree/order 70 (potential defined by spherical harmonics)
- Extended definition of orbital elements (now 2 new types for equinoctial
- IAU planetary angles (orientation of equator and prime meridian)
- New propagation model based on Lyddane (mean elements include secular and long
period perturbation effects)
- Many new utility functions: Gauss for all orbital element types, conversion of
time scales, etc... 
- Magnetic field added (IGRF model). 

Changes regarding predefined data: 
- No local variables are now created by default (except one for internal use). 
The function CL_init is still available, but it now only creates a limited set
of variables. 
- Internal data may be retrieved by a new function: CL_dataGet. 
- There have been some changes to improve consistency and simplicity: some
redundant variables have been removed (e.g. %CL_j2, ...) or renamed (e.g.
%CL_muSun is replaced by: 
- Some data have been updated. Gravity data (zonal terms) are now those from
EGM96s gravity model. 
- The default oblateness value is consistent with WGS84. 

- All date/time function arguments are now relative to a specific time scale
called "TREF". 
- Two new reference frames adapted to mission analysis are defined: "ECI"
(nearly inertial frame) and "ECF" (rotating frame).  
- Documentation has been extended with new pages describing various topics
(ephemerides, forces...). It also includes a section named "cookbook" where
various complete examples are given. 

- Configuration features have been added for high level properties. 

- CelestLab v3.0.0 can be used with Scilab version 5.3.0 or higher. 
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OS-independent binary for Scilab 5.5.x
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