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ATOMS : Sci-IPOpt details
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A Non-linear Interior Point Optimization Solver
(9010 downloads for this version - 66726 downloads for all versions)
A more recent valid version exists: 1.3.4
Stéphane Mottelet
Michael Baudin
Yann Collette
Administrator ATOMS
Creation Date
July 5, 2021
Source created on
Scilab 6.1.x
Binaries available on
Scilab 6.1.x:
macOS Linux 64-bit Windows 64-bit
Install command
--> atomsInstall("sci_ipopt")
            This is the interface between Scilab and IPOpt, the solver for non linear
constrained optimization problems. IPOpt is available at


The current module provides the following functions :

 * ipopt : Scilab interface to the IPOpt optimizer

 The module has the following features :
  * Manages nonlinearily constrained optimization problems.
  * Manages the sparsity pattern of the gradient of the constraints.
  * Manages the sparsity pattern of the Hessian of the Lagrangian.
  * Allows to use Scilab sparse matrices instead of triplets (1.1 feature).
  * Manages the linearity of the variables, of the constraints.
  * Uses Mumps as the sparse solver (Pardiso for the windows version).
  * Manages functions provided as macros, or as compiled externals (Fortran or
  * Deals with Nan or Inf returned by user functions by backtracking (1.2
  * Allows computation of Hessian in objective function (1.3 feature)



 * 2008 - Yann Collette
 * 2009-2010 - Consortium Scilab - Digiteo - Yann Collette
 * 2010 - Consortium Scilab - Digiteo - Michael Baudin
 * 2014 - Scilab Enterprises
 * 2020-2021 - Stéphane Mottelet


This toolbox is released under the GPL licence

Troubleshooting (Windows only)

With the actual version of Scilab (6.1) there is a mismatch between the version
of Intel Fortran runtime used by Scilab and Ipopt library. The first time you
load the toolbox, you will be invited to allow Scilab to upgrade this library.
You may have to gain administrator rights to do this, depending on your Scilab
installation directory.

IMPORTANT: if the module fails to load you may have to install the latest
Microsoft Visual C++ runtime, which is available at
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Source code archive

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macOS binary for Scilab 6.1.x

[4.69 MB]
Linux 64-bit binary for Scilab 6.1.x

[45.87 MB]
Windows 64-bit binary for Scilab 6.1.x

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Comment from Olaf Bousche -- March 5, 2023, 01:25:14 PM    

KHALESI TROLJAN in windows zip file

The virus scanners show the KHALESI trojan in the zip file. Not just 1 but 11 of them show
this on VirusTotal. This makes me believe the thread is real. I wiil do a thorough cleaning
of the system and report my findings. 
Comment from Olaf Bousche -- March 6, 2023, 01:24:43 PM    
I did not find any sign of infection, but I have not used the toolbox yet. So it may not
have had a chance to do any damage.
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